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In the Hunt of a good Workflow for your Photos

Sometimes can be overwhelming to find that one right look for your photos. And there is a vast number of presents, color profiles, etc. in the market but just a few can achieve that look you look for. So I had the honor to be invited to try this new Workflow from Sleeklens.

Sleeklens Forever Thine Wedding Workflow is a collection of presets and brushes to be use in Lightroom and Photoshop. This collection is specially made for all wedding photographers that want to improve their workflow process.

I never use presets as I don’t like to go too extreme in the look of my client’s photos. I’ve tried some and they just blow the color or go too funky for my taste, so I gave up and just created one on lightroom that I readjusted for each photo.

Sleeklens created a total of 112 different presets divided in different categories that make much easier find that one preset you need.  You will find “All in One” presets, “Color Correct” presets, “Wedding Film” looks, “Black & White”, etc. There are other categories as “Vintage” or “Vignette” that are too funky for my taste but you might find them useful for very specific cases. I chose my top 5 favorite and from there I just do some minor adjustments.

What I liked the most is the “23 brushes pack”. I know is very simple to create your own brush but how many think the same and never actually create them, at the end of the day you spend a good amount of time changing values in the brush panel. “Shiny and Bright”, “Fix Underexposed”, “Fix Overexpose” for me are the most useful. But there are others with specific purposes as: “Fix Red Skin”, “Brighten Eyes”, “Define Hair

At the beginning I found overwhelming go through over a hundred presets but once you find your top favorite is much easier. Forever Thine Wedding Workflow comes with a quick recipe list that can give you some pointers.

For more information and reviews of their products visit Sleeklens website. Or if want to know more about Sleeklens Forever Thine Wedding Workflow